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Kuli Library Setup and Launch

25 October - 6 November 2014

The two former classrrooms set aside for the library were almost completely renovated upon Betty-Ann's arrival at the Kuli Catholic Mission on 25th October 2014. The louvre windows were yet to be cleaned and the frames painted.  The shelving had all been completed by the Technical Vocational Training (TVET) boys and their Teacher over the preceeding two months, and they had also been responsible for the upgrade of the rooms. One room was assigned as the Junior Library to be used by the local Elementary and Primary Schools, and the other the Senior Library for more advanced students and the TVET centre.  The photos tell the rest of the story.


This project has come to fruition within a year of the commencement of searching for donated books back in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Library Training Commences

13 October 2014

Theresia Kau has returned to her homeland with a container load of books as she had always dreamed.  Her work as a lecturer in tourism at Goroko University has taken much of her time, and has meant the library project  has been put on hold.  However, a library training course is to be held at the village this week for teachers and others interested in helping to set up the library destined for the education of the local children. This training is being offered by Goroko University as an outreach course to its peoples.


On another note, Betty-Ann Kamp is to go over to Papua New Guinea next week to offer support in setting up the library and to see it running. It will be an interesting two weeks for her to work alongside Theresia and the villagers in this fabulous project as it comes to fruition.  


Watch this space for more news as it happens!

Books arrive in the Highlands

30 June 2014

With the kind support of Mapai Transport Ltd, the books were taken by truck, within a few days of the ship arriving in the Port of Lae, up to the Highlands.  There it was met by a group of villagers who unloaded the container directly on to their trucks and vehicles and transported to the Kuli Mission.


The books are now in safe storage at the Holy Rosary Parish School.  Once all is ready, the books will be shelved into the newly refurbished library adjacent to the church.

Container clears customs in Lae PNG

24 June 2014

The Ngankin arrived in the port of Lae in Papua New Guinea on Monday.  Theresia was there to meet the ship, along with a support group from the Highlands.  Many forms have had to be filled in, and word was received today that clearance has been given for the container's release.  


Mapai Transport Ltd has been handling the brokerage.  We are grateful to Mapai transport Ltd for offering to transport the container in the coming days up to its Mt Hagen warehouse where the village community will help to unload the container.


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About me ....

"My name is Theresia Wome Kau.  I have been a student at The University of Waikato since 2011 under the NZ Aid Scholarship Scheme. This year I am completing my Master's thesis in Tourism and Hospitality Management and will return to Papua New Guinea to continue my vocation as an educator of young people."

My Dream.....

"On the completion of my thesis, I wish to return to my home village in the Highlands of PNG with a container load of books."




The Team ...

"The four dedicated women on the committee have given me much hope in realising my dream.  I am so grateful to them for initiating the process, and hopefully, while they are working on the project, I can finish the writing up of my thesis."  


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